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Dental erosion is a significant concern that results from the chemical dissolution of tooth structure due to exposure to acidic substances, excluding those of bacterial origin. This process typically begins in the enamel but can progress to affect the underlying dentin if left unaddressed.

Common Causes of Dental Erosion:

The primary cause of dental erosion is the consumption of acidic foods and beverages. Some of the common sources of erosive acids include:

  • Soft drinks like fruit juices and carbonated colas.
  • Frequent exposure to acidic substances, such as lemon juice.
  • Contact with chlorinated swimming pool water.
  • Gastric acid exposure due to conditions like bulimia, where vomiting occurs.

Recognizing Dental Erosion:

There are several signs that may indicate dental erosion, including:

  • Formation of broad, rounded concavities on tooth surfaces.
  • Evidence of wear on surfaces that do not typically contact each other.
  • Loss of enamel surface characteristics, particularly in children.
  • Amalgam restorations that remain clean and untarnished.

Perimolysis and Intrinsic Erosion:

When dental erosion is intrinsic and occurs due to contact with gastric acid, it is referred to as perimolysis. This condition is often seen in individuals who experience frequent vomiting or reflux, including patients with anorexia nervosa, bulimia, and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

Understanding the causes and signs of dental erosion is crucial for its prevention and management. If you suspect erosion or have concerns about your dental health, do not hesitate to contact Citigate Dental at 613-440-4423. Our experienced dentist, our dentists, can assess your condition and provide guidance on maintaining a healthy smile. Visit us at 4285 Strandherd Drive, Unit #12 in Nepean, ON, to schedule your appointment and address any erosion-related issues you may have.

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